New Year’s Resolution Ideas for a Healthier You

New Year Resolution Ideas Culver City CA

Stay healthy in the new year with these resolutions!

The new year is well underway. If you’re struggling to keep up with your New Year’s resolution(s), consider these healthy resolution options to renew your motivation!

Move More.

Most of us sit all day long. Sitting in traffic, sitting at a desk, and sitting on the couch. But all this sitting has serious health repercussions. Too much sitting can lead to cardiovascular disease and even cancer. Make a resolution to get up and move. According to the CDC, the average adult needs 30 minutes of exercise five days a week to stay healthy. Go for a hike, take a walk on your lunch break, or join a recreational sports league. Choose an activity that you enjoy to get you motivated!

Stress Less.

Stress seems to be a part of our everyday lives. From sitting in rush-hour traffic to finishing a big report, stress seems to be inevitable. But too much stress can cause an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, depression and anxiety, and Alzheimer’s disease. Resolve to stress less in the new year. Find ways that help you relax and then do them! Try meditation, or take a vacation. Spending time with friends and family, or even buying a pet, have been shown to reduce stress.


Technology is a staple in most of our lives. We’re glued to our smartphones and computers. While technology has contributed to immense advancements in society, it has also brought unforeseen health effects. Too much digital stimulation increases your risk for anxiety and depression. Make it a goal to reduce your technology usage in 2016. Set aside time for a technology-free zone and see your health improve!

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