Get a Little Inspiration to Make Your New Year Resolution

Check out these New Year resolution ideas for a little inspiration. Celebrate the New Year with a new you! 2017 is full of opportunity for you to improve upon your life goals. Whether large or small, meaningful or fun, make a New Year resolution to better yourself in the coming year. It’s not too late to make a resolution. Check out these resolutions for a little inspiration to help you get started. Learn Something New. Whether you enroll in a course at a community college, stop in at a Read More

New Year’s Resolution Ideas for a Healthier You

Stay healthy in the new year with these resolutions! The new year is well underway. If you’re struggling to keep up with your New Year's resolution(s), consider these healthy resolution options to renew your motivation! Move More. Most of us sit all day long. Sitting in traffic, sitting at a desk, and sitting on the couch. But all this sitting has serious health repercussions. Too much sitting can lead to cardiovascular disease and even cancer. Make a resolution to get up and move. Read More

Resolve To Keep Your Resolutions In 2015

Tips To Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions This Year With January nearly behind us, how are you feeling about your New Year’s Resolutions? Have you been going strong? Are you struggling to keep on track? Have you lost your list entirely? Now that you have had a month to assess your progress, here are some tips to get you on the right track for keeping your resolutions in 2015. Look Back: Have you made similar resolutions year after year? Take some time to think about what has Read More

New Year’s Resolutions That Are Easy To Keep

Easy New Year’s Resolutions The New Year is almost upon us and we know what that means: New Year’s Resolutions! Every year, as the old year ends and the New Year begins, we make promises to ourselves to fix what we do not like. There is always room for self-improvement but we often set unrealistic goals, which make keeping these resolutions difficult. Here are some resolutions that are easier to keep and some ways to help you reach them. If you want to exercise more, or lose those extra Read More