Are Your Insurance Policies Ready For El Nino?

House sinking in water, Insurance concept

El Nino And Flood Insurance

Are you ready for El Nino? While most Californians are looking forward to the storm to help relieve the current drought conditions, you should also take the time to ensure that you are ready for the heavy rains that are expected.

With heavy rains comes the threat of severe flooding, which could wreak havoc not only California streets, but also on your house. Before you assume that you are covered from any disaster this El Nino, it is important to fully understand exactly what your current insurance policies cover. While your existing homeowners insurance policy will provide coverage for many perils, it will not provide any protection for damage that is caused during a flood. You will need to invest in a specific flood insurance policy to protect your home and assets from a flood.

Flood insurance is slightly different than other insurance policies. While you can buy flood insurance from your independent agent, all the policies come from the federal government. You have to pay for your flood insurance coverage for the whole year in full, you cannot make month premium payments. There is also a 30-day waiting period that is connected with a flood insurance policy before your coverage goes live. This means that if you are waiting for the rains to start before choosing a policy, you may be left uncovered when the rains do come. The sooner you invest in a policy, the sooner you can rest assured knowing that you have the coverage that you deserve.

When looking for the right flood insurance policy to protect your Culver City house, contact ISU Wissink Insurance. As an independent insurance agency, we will work with you to make sure that you have the protection that you deserve, all at the right price to fit your budget.