Why Business Owners Should Consider Securing a BOP

Here are some of the benefits associated with investing in a BOP.Why Business Owners Should Consider Securing a BOP

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate.  The last thing that you want to worry about is managing your company’s insurance coverage.  Fortunately, you can streamline your coverage by securing a business owners policy or BOP.  Curious to learn more about this convenient commercial coverage option?  Then please continue reading.

What is a BOP?

A BOP is a commercial insurance option that combines the most essential types of business insurance into a single policy.  When you secure coverage with a BOP, you can save money and will have an easier time managing your coverage.  Generally, BOPs consist of the following three coverages:

  • General liability– This type of insurance offers coverage for third-party injuries or property damage that take place on your business’s property.
  • Commercial property– This type of insurance offers coverage in the event that your business’s building, equipment, inventory, supplies, furniture, or other equipment is damaged due to a covered peril.
  • Business interruption– This type of insurance offers coverage if a damage situation or other emergency event disrupts your business’s ability to operate. This type of coverage will help you address recurring costs (such as rent and employee wages) if your business does not have revenue coming in.

Do I need this coverage?

It is true that business owners are not legally required to carry a BOP.  Business owners can choose to secure these coverages individually or even forgo coverage altogether.  However, BOPs remain a great solution if you are running a smaller commercial operation.  Not only does a BOP make these essential commercial coverages more affordable, but these coverages are also easier to manage because they are offered under a single policy.

Are you interested in seeing what BOP coverage can do for you and your company?  If so, then contact the experts at ISU-Wissink Insurance in Culver City, California.  Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your commercial coverage needs today.