Watch Out for These Driving Risks This Winter

Protect yourself as you drive this winter. As a driver, it's important to anticipate how changing weather conditions affect your risk for accidents.  Additionally, you need to take precautions to address your risk and keep the roadways safe.  As winter introduces some serious weather hazards, here's what you can do to stay safe behind the wheel. Make sure that your car is properly prepared for extreme winter driving conditions. This means repairing or replacing cracked windows, switching Read More

Tips for Being an Effective Negotiator

Try out these tactics to make you a better negotiator. In the world of business, the ability to negotiate effectively is an important skill to have.  Whether it be negotiations with clients, suppliers, or your employees, you need to know how to handle these conversations.  For your business's benefit, here are some of the negotiation strategies that you should try. Learn the "Flinch" The flinch is one of the oldest negotiation strategies in the book.  A finch is a visible reaction to an Read More

What to Know About Combination Insurance Policies

Policies that combine long-term care and life insurance coverage. Long-term care insurance is designed to help you cover the expenses associated with a chronic or ongoing medical condition.  For instance, this insurance can help you pay for stays in a nursing home or cover the cost of home healthcare services.  However, many people are wary about securing a long-term care policy because they aren't sure if they will need it.  Fortunately, there are new insurance policies that combine long-term Read More

Why You Need to Make Your Home Inventory

How home inventories help with your homeowners insurance. As a homeowner, you know that one of the things you have to do is create and update your home inventory.  However, why is this tedious task so important?  Here's how having a home inventory helps you with your homeowners insurance. Why You Need a Home Inventory A home inventory is a list of all the items that you own.  Your inventory also includes important information on each item, such as photos, a written description, proof of Read More

Does Your Education Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates?

Does having a college education help you save on car insurance? When your auto insurance provider calculates your rates, they will take various factors into account.  Many drivers are surprised to learn that their education level is one of the things considered.  But how exactly does your education affect your rates?  Here's what you need to know. How Your Education Level Affects Your Auto Insurance Some auto insurance providers will look at your level of education when determining your Read More

Steps to Take After You’ve Been Denied Life Insurance

What happens if your life insurance application was denied? No one expects their life insurance application to be denied; however, this is a definite possibility.  Typically, this happens because the insurance provider considers you too risky to insure.  However, getting denied doesn't mean that this is the end of the road.  Here are some of the steps that you can take after your application is denied. Collect Information As insurance companies consider life insurance applications, they Read More

Unexpected Home Security Tips to Employ

Try out these suggestions to prepare your home. As a homeowner, keeping your home safe from burglars should be a major priority.  While you already know to keep your windows and doors locked and home security system engaged, there are other, more unexpected ways to secure your home as well.  Here are some of the tips you can try to protect your home. Keep a Set of Car Keys by Your Bed If you have a spare car key, consider keeping it on your bedside table.  This way, if you hear a Read More