Unexpected Home Security Tips to Employ

Try out these suggestions to prepare your home.home burglar

As a homeowner, keeping your home safe from burglars should be a major priority.  While you already know to keep your windows and doors locked and home security system engaged, there are other, more unexpected ways to secure your home as well.  Here are some of the tips you can try to protect your home.

  • Keep a Set of Car Keys by Your Bed

If you have a spare car key, consider keeping it on your bedside table.  This way, if you hear a disturbance or if your security system notifies you of unusual activity around your home, then you can activate your car’s panic button.  The sudden alarm will startle the burglars and likely make them run away before they can do any real damage to your home.

  • Get a Door Without a Letter Slot

Doors with letter slots are common in older homes.  While you might like this charming feature, letter slots in your front door can pose a security risk.  If you do not want to give burglars an easy way to break into your home, then replace your front door with an option that does not feature a letter slot.  If you can’t part with this feature, then make sure that the door you choose has a letter slot at the base or no more than a quarter of the way up.

  • Post Warning Signs

Burglars are less inclined to target home with security systems and dogs.  This is why posting security system signs on your front lawn is a great security measure.  Additionally, posting “Beware of Dog” signs on your back fence is a great way to give the illusion of having a fierce guard dog.  This is a great way to deter criminals, even if the family pooch is an unassuming lap dog.

These are some of the unexpected home security measures that you should try.  Want another way to protect your home?  Then make sure you have the right homeowners insurance in place.  For assistance with your home coverage needs, contact the experts at ISU-Wissink Insurance in Culver City, California today.