Standout Summer Activities For Kids

A Few Ideas To Keep Your Kids—And Yourself—Entertained Summer is great. The weather warms, your friends start hosting barbecues and cocktail parties, you get to take a vacation, and your family gets more time together. As summer break wears on, though, you might find yourself running out of ideas for keeping kids active. To help, here are a few fun summer activities that are sure to keep them from boredom and yourself from going crazy. Go Local: Summer brings a bounty of harvest to your Read More

4 Ways To Keep Your Kids’ Brains Active During Summer Break

As your child runs through the house, throws their books and backpack in the closet, and sits down to watch television, you know the only way your child will stay active all summer long is if you make the effort. While it is important that you allow your child to relax and enjoy the break from the strict routine of school, it is imperative to try and keep your child’s brain active all summer long. Try these 4 summer activities that will foster brain development in a fun way: After dinner Read More