4 Ways To Keep Your Kids’ Brains Active During Summer Break

active kids and summer

As your child runs through the house, throws their books and backpack in the closet, and sits down to watch television, you know the only way your child will stay active all summer long is if you make the effort. While it is important that you allow your child to relax and enjoy the break from the strict routine of school, it is imperative to try and keep your child’s brain active all summer long. Try these 4 summer activities that will foster brain development in a fun way:

  1. After dinner each night, tell your child they can play as much as they want after they finish an hour of reading or a certain amount of chapters. If your child picks a book they thoroughly enjoy, chances are they will want to continue the book!
  2. Homemade science experiments are the perfect way to get your child interested in the preparation and outcome of science experiments. Try the classic Mentos and Soda explosion experiment and explain to your children how each step affects the outcome. There are a variety of sources where you can find different, safe homemade science projects your child will enjoy.
  3. Let your child play around with the camera and made a homemade film about their summer. Have them invite some friends over and delegate a position to each member of the group. They will learn leadership skills while also trying to maneuver the camera.
  4. Take your child on a hike and ask them to take a picture of all the unique plants, trees, and flowers they see. When you get home let them use the computer and practice their research skills. Ask them to identify all the unique animals and greenery they saw! Then, on your next hike see which names they can remember and ask them to identify them.

Happy Summer!

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