Standout Summer Activities For Kids

Summer Activities for KidsA Few Ideas To Keep Your Kids—And Yourself—Entertained

Summer is great. The weather warms, your friends start hosting barbecues and cocktail parties, you get to take a vacation, and your family gets more time together. As summer break wears on, though, you might find yourself running out of ideas for keeping kids active. To help, here are a few fun summer activities that are sure to keep them from boredom and yourself from going crazy.

  • Go Local: Summer brings a bounty of harvest to your local farmers’ market. To teach your kids about where their food comes from and to get outside and get moving, bring the gang down to your farmers’ market. While you are there, pick up food for a post-market picnic together.
  • Look Up: Does it ever seem that just when the sun sets, the kids get the most hyper? Combat this by grabbing a big blanket and a thermos of hot cocoa and heading somewhere away from the light pollution to stargaze. Make sure that you do a little research on the constellations overhead before heading out so you can keep your kids engaged.
  • Catch A Film: Many movie theaters play family-friendly favorites during the day for reduced ticket prices over the summer. Find a theater near you and enjoy an activity with your young ones that will be easy on your energy levels and easy on your wallet.
  • Become A Book Worm: Your local library offers your kids to explore books in a variety of genres. Who knows? You may have a mystery lover on your hands, or a historical fiction fanatic!

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