Homeowners, Here’s What You Can Learn from California’s Wildfire Season

Takeaways from the 2018 wildfires. When wildfires raced through California, they left millions of dollars in property damage in their wake. With thousands of homeowners suffering from homelessness and severe property damages, it's no secret how devastating this year's fire season was. However, even amidst all this devastation, homeowners across the state and even the across nation can learn from it. Here are some of the things you can take away from California's wildfire season. Be Read More

8 Pool Safety Tips to Avoid Liabilities

While spending the day with your closest friends and family in your pool is the perfect way to kick off summer, it is important that everyone abides by the safety regulations to ensure your summer fun is safe. As a pool owner, you take on unique liabilities and responsibilities that the typical homeowner does not have. If someone is injured in your pool because you failed to take the necessary safety precautions, you may be held liable. Take these 8 helpful tips into consideration to ensure Read More