8 Pool Safety Tips to Avoid Liabilities

pool liability and homeowners

While spending the day with your closest friends and family in your pool is the perfect way to kick off summer, it is important that everyone abides by the safety regulations to ensure your summer fun is safe. As a pool owner, you take on unique liabilities and responsibilities that the typical homeowner does not have. If someone is injured in your pool because you failed to take the necessary safety precautions, you may be held liable. Take these 8 helpful tips into consideration to ensure safety in your pool:

  1. Most importantly, your pool and the surrounding area should be properly equipped for safety. You should have a fence of at least 4 feet with a self-closing, self-latching gate that opens away from the pool area. You should also have all safety equipment ready for use if an emergency were to occur.
  2. You may want to install a waterproof telephone within the gates of your pool in case of an emergency.
  3. You should never leave a child or teenager in the pool area unattended. You never know what could happen in the two minutes you leave a child unattended and accept a business phone call.
  4. If you will be allowing your friends’ children in your pool, make sure they know the basic safety rules and know what type of behavior is acceptable and what is not.
  5. If a child goes missing, check the pool first.
  6. As a pool owner, you should be educated on how to perform CPR.
  7. Whenever the pool is not in use, stow toys away so children are not tempted.
  8. You may want to purchase a stable pool covering for both the winter and inactive times to prevent unsupervised pool use.

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