Ergonomic Tips to Use When Traveling for Work

If you work on the road, these ergonomic tips can help you avoid putting undue strain on your body. Traveling for work comes with its fair share of stresses. The actual act of getting to your destination is strenuous enough, and then you still have to navigate to food and lodging in an often unfamiliar city. Why add even more strain? These ergonomic tips can help you take care of your body when you’re traveling for work. Look at your luggage. It’s no surprise that lugging a heavy suitcase Read More

Use These Winter Health Tips to Keep You Healthy All Season Long

Use these seasonal health tips to keep you healthy all winter long. When it comes to your health, it’s important that you take good care of yourself. However, the holiday season can be stressful. Plus, with cold and flu season picking up, it’s important to stay on top of your health this season. Check out these winter health tips so that you can prioritize your health. Wash Your Hands. When it comes to staying healthy through the winter, it’s important that you wash your hands frequently. Read More

Check Out These Tips to Keep the Flu Away from Your Office

Learn how to keep your office healthy with these flu prevention tips!           You spend lots of time at the office. Ensure that your office is a healthy place to work. Do your part to stave off the flu during cold and flu season in your workplace. Check out what you need to know about flu prevention in your office so that you can focus on your work. Promote Hand Washing. Hand washing is one of the most effective ways to keep germs at bay. Encourage your employees to keep their hands clean Read More

Halloween Candy Tips to Help Keep Your Kids Healthy

Learn how to manage your child’s candy habits this Halloween so they can stay healthy! It’s almost time for Halloween. From black cats and witches to ghosts and goblins, it’s time to get ready to celebrate. Decorate the house, carve your pumpkins, and buy plenty of Halloween candy. Candy is part of the Halloween fun, but too much candy can have negative health consequences. Help your child stay healthy and learn how to curb your child’s bad candy habits with these tips. Everything in Read More

Find Out How You Can Take Control of Your Heath During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Take preventative health measures during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Health is one of the most important aspects in your life. Without your health, you’re unable to do the things that you love. Make your health a priority during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and encourage your loved ones to put their health first. Check out what you need to know about breast cancer so that you can take care of your health. All About Breast Cancer. Breast cancer is the abnormal growth Read More

Find Out Why You Need Long-Term Care Insurance

Learn how long-term care insurance can benefit you! People don't necessarily expect to get sick, but many people are affected daily. From cancer to Alzheimer’s disease, there are a plethora of illnesses that are common and require long-term medical care. Care isn’t cheap. Ensure that you can afford long-term care and invest in the right kind of insurance. Check out why you should invest in long-term care insurance. Your Health Insurance Won’t Cut It. While your health insurance helps to Read More

Disability, Hospital Indemnity, & Critical Insurance Cover Expensive Medical Bills With Added Coverage!

Learn how disability, hospital indemnity, and critical insurance can benefit you! When it comes to staying healthy, you do your best. You eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep. But, sometimes it's not enough. When it comes to your health, make sure to cover all your bases, including your financial ones. Investing in the right insurance can help you lift the financial burden of being sick off your shoulders. Make sure to consider disability, hospital indemnity insurance. Here’s what you need Read More