Ergonomic Tips to Use When Traveling for Work

Ergonomic Tips to Use When Traveling for WorkIf you work on the road, these ergonomic tips can help you avoid putting undue strain on your body.

Traveling for work comes with its fair share of stresses. The actual act of getting to your destination is strenuous enough, and then you still have to navigate to food and lodging in an often unfamiliar city. Why add even more strain? These ergonomic tips can help you take care of your body when you’re traveling for work.

  • Look at your luggage. It’s no surprise that lugging a heavy suitcase isn’t great for your back. Instead, invest in a rolling suitcase with four wheels, which reduces wrist and back strain. Also, if you’re wearing a backpack, make sure to fit it properly to your body and wear both straps. Otherwise, you can pull your neck, shoulders, and back out of alignment!
  • Stand up for yourself. Long hours sitting take their toll. Try to stand as much as possible on your layovers and when back at your hotel. Take a stroll to dinner, if possible, and look for establishments with high-top tables at which you can stand. If you’re working on your laptop in your hotel room, consider propping it on an ironing board for a makeshift standing desk.
  • Unpack with help. Use the luggage rack in your room when unpacking your suitcase to minimize the amount of time you spend bending over. In the event your room doesn’t have a luggage rack, unpacking your suitcase while it sits on your bed is equally effective.

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