A Detailed Guide on How to Deal with a Parked Car Accident

You might be highly protective of your car. However, sometimes, you might see your parked car hit by someone. But you do not have to panic; just follow these steps to deal with it.

Be Prepared with the Documentation

If your parked car got hit, calmly approach the at-fault driver to get an explanation of the accident and collect their name, contact, and insurance details. However, if the at-fault driver has left the place, look around for witnesses and collect as much information as possible.

Take pictures of the accident scene and your vehicle. If there are any other damages like damage to the other car, nearby signboards, or trees, make sure to take pictures of that as well. If the at-fault vehicle is present, note down the license number and other details of the vehicle. These details will help you when filing a claim.

Inform the Police and Your Insurance Service Provider

It is essential to file a formal complaint at the local police station. The police can help you locate the driver who hit your parked car through security camera footage or provide other details. Also, remember to call your insurance agent as well.

The cost you need to repair your car should be covered by the insurance of the driver who has caused the damage. However, if the driver has left the place, your insurance will still cover the loss if it has uninsured motorist or collision coverage.

The uninsured motorist coverage will cover the expenses when the driver, who hits your vehicle, does not have insurance to pay for the damage caused. The collision coverage will pay for the damage irrespective of who was at fault.

Getting the right car insurance will protect you against the damages caused by parked vehicle accidents. Contact the experts at ISU Wissink Insurance in Culver City, California, for all your coverage needs.