Learn How To Pick The Safest Car Seat For You Kids

How To Pick The Safest Car Seat For You Kids

Check out how to pick a safe car seat for your child!

Protecting your child is your biggest job as a parent. You would do anything to keep them out of harms way. Ensure that your child is safe in the car with the right car seat. However, with so many makes, models, and age restrictions it can be hard to determine how to pick the right one. Learn how to pick a safe car seat with these helpful tips.

Pick the Right Size.

Ensure that you get the right sized car seat for your child. Kids come in all shapes and sizes, but car seats have different designs to protect children of different ages. For infants, ensure that you get a rear-facing car seat. As you baby grows, it becomes time to upgrade to a forward –facing seat. Then as your child continues to grow, it’s time to move up to the booster seat. Pay attention to all the height, weight, and age requirements to know when it’s time to change out the car seat.

Install the Seat Properly.

Far too many parents fail to install car seats correctly, which puts your children at risk. Ensure that you know how to properly install a car seat so that your kids are well protected. Read the manual of both the car and the car seat to ensure that you’re installing the seat properly. The seat should be properly locked in so that it barely moves an inch.

Look for Safety Stamps of Approval.

When it comes to the car seats you pick, be sure to check the safety reviews. Look up its rankings on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s car seat rating system. Additionally, look for a label that indicates that the seat meets the standards of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213.

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