How Spring Cleaning Can Help You Avoid Home Insurance Claims

Learn how spring cleaning and home maintenance tasks can help you avoid filing home insurance claims.How Spring Cleaning Can Help You Avoid Home Insurance Claims

Now that spring has finally sprung, you might be gearing up to do some spring cleaning.  While spring cleaning and maintenance is designed to take care of and refresh your home after a long winter, did you know that it can also help you avoid damaging insurance claims?  Here’s how spring cleaning and maintenance can help you reduce risk around your property.

Liability Issues

Completing certain spring home maintenance tasks can reduce your personal liability risks.  For instance, winter weather can cause the walkways around your home to become cracked and damaged.  If someone were to trip on these damaged pathways, then you might face a liability lawsuit.  When you take the time to address this issue, you can avoid this serious personal liability risk.  Be sure to fill holes in your lawn, repair outdoor lights, and sweep up leaves and debris on your property to avoid other potential liability risks.

Inspect Your Gutters

Another home maintenance task you should complete this spring is cleaning out your gutters.  During the winter months, debris can collect in your gutters, causing them to become clogged.  If you face spring showers, then your gutters can overflow and cause leaks or other water damage to your roof.  If you want to avoid having to file a claim for this damage, then make sure you clean out your gutters this spring.

Fire Risk

Finally, cleaning your home can help to eliminate fire risks.  For instance, cleaning out the ducts and vents leading to your dryer can prevent lint from accumulating and catching fire when exposed to the heat of your dryer.  Additionally, cleaning your oven and stove can prevent a grease fire from breaking out your kitchen.  Focus your cleaning efforts in these areas to reduce your risk for fire this spring.

This is how spring cleaning and maintenance tasks can help you avoid insurance claims.  Looking for other ways to reduce your home’s risk for damage and liability issues?  If so, then contact the experts at ISU-Wissink Insurance in Culver City, California.  Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your homeowners insurance needs today.