Check Out These Household Items That Can Be Used in Emergencies

Household Items That Can Be Used in EmergenciesHome emergency preparedness tips to get ready for anything life throws your way.

Your home is a place where you feel safe and secure. It’s a place where you’re comfortable. However, it’s important to protect your home. Disasters can strike at any time. Be ready for any emergency that may come your way with the right tools. Invest in homeowners insurance, and check out these emergency preparedness tips for your home.

Duct Tape.

Don’t underestimate the power of duct tape. It’s an incredibly useful tool to have on hand in case of emergency. Duct tape can help to patch a hole or seal a tear. It’s a handy item that has many uses, especially during a disaster.

Trash Bags.

Keeping trash bags on hand is important. In the event of an emergency, trash bags can prove to be an extraordinary resource. Trash bags can help to keep you dry when used as a poncho or they can help you build a makeshift shelter. Keep these on hand so that you can prepare situations that require them. You can never have too many trash bags.


These small articles of clothing can do more than just keep your feet warm. Socks are a good item to have handy when it comes to being prepared for a disaster. While it’s important to sanitize water before you drink it, socks can serve a filtration system to get rid of large debris in the water.

When it comes to keeping your home safe and secure, ensure that you’re ready for any disaster. Get the right homeowners insurance so that you won’t have to worry. Contact the professionals at ISU Wissink Insurance. Located in Culver City, California, we serve all your personal and commercial insurance needs.