How To Save On Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Premiums Culver CityProtecting Your Home & Your Pocketbook

Your home is your refuge. Not only does it shelter you from physical storms, it can also feel like a safe haven when the storms of life rage. Consequently, you are willing to pay big money to protect it. Just because you know your home deserves great coverage does not mean you have to assume a great expense, though. Here are a few tips for lowing your premiums.

  • Get More Secure: Talk with your insurance agent to see exactly how much upgrading your home’s security could save you on your premiums. Generally, installing a burglar alarm or smoke detectors will save you 5 percent, while putting a advanced sprinkler system and security system in place that will notify the police if there is a break in could reduce your premiums by as much as 20 percent.
  • Bundle Up: Have one insurer write your homeowners, auto, health, and life insurance policies. The multi-policy discount you will receive (not to mention the simplicity and seamlessness of having all of your protection in one place) will benefit you.
  • Review Your Policy: If you have not looked over your homeowner’s insurance policy in the last year, schedule a time to meet with your insurance agent. He or she will be able to advise you on any gaps in your coverage, and where you may be overpaying for coverage you no longer need.
  • Join A Group: When you meet, also let your agent know about any group memberships you have. For example, being a member of the AARP can help drive down your premiums.

An insurance expert can point out every possible discount to you, so contact ISU Wissink today. Conveniently located in Culver City, California, we are committed to helping you maximize your coverage and your savings. For all of your homeowner’s insurance needs, call us today!