Home Maintenance Tips: How to Maintain Your Windows for Greater Security

Home maintenance involves taking care of your windows and doors as well. Over the years, as your windows and door frames begin to deteriorate, they can shift and become loose. This not only allows cold air in during the winter months, but it also lets cool air escape during the summer. Windows that are loose or poorly maintained may also make it easier for burglars or thieves to make their way into your home.

The following are a few window maintenance tips to keep you secure from unwanted intruders.

  1. Ensure That Your Windows Are Properly Sealed

Make sure that your windows are properly sealed when you close and lock them. If the seal is not secure, drafts may make their way into your home, causing your HVAC system to work overtime. Without a proper seal, the windows will not shut properly, making it easier for someone to break into your home without being observed by people outside. You may need to recaulk your windows or replace the weatherstripping if it is worn or loose.

2. Check the Locks

When you lock or unlock your windows, you should always check them carefully. Make sure the locks are not loose and that the locking mechanism is secure and snug. A loose-fitting lock will make it much easier for someone to break into your home without any warning. If the lock is loose, tighten it as best you can. Consider getting professional help for tightening the existing locks or replacing them with new ones.

3. Install Bars or Grates

If you live in an area with high burglary rates, installing exterior bars or grates will ensure additional security in case someone tries to break into your home. However, you may want to consider how it will affect the overall aesthetics of your home.

4. Clear Unwanted Plant Growth

Cut off any unwanted trees or shrubs that are growing near your windows as such growth provides cover to thieves and burglars while they try to sneak inside your home.  For instance, if you have bushes hiding your window from public view, intruders can easily open your window and enter your home without being seen. So make sure to keep the plants near your windows pruned at all times.

It’s important to keep up on your home maintenance. This is especially true when you are trying to keep your home secure from burglars and thieves. In addition, you should also buy adequate homeowners insurance to protect your home and belongings in the event of a covered peril. Contact us today at ISU Wissink Insurance Agency to get started on your personalized homeowners insurance coverage.