Check Out These Eco-Friendly Activities For Earth Day

Eco-Friendly Activities For Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day with these eco-friendly activities!

Earth Day is April 22! From environmentally conscious practices to reducing your carbon footprint to simply respecting and appreciating nature, there are a multitude of ways that you can celebrate all the things our planet does for us. Check out these Earth Day activities to help you be more eco-friendly.

Get To Gardening.

Whether you plant a tree at your local park or you plant an herb garden in your backyard, adding vegetation to your community is a great way to celebrate Earth Day. Planting trees helps add more oxygen to the air and provide shade to the community, while a herb garden offers you fresh, organic spices to you anytime.

Shop Locally.

Make an effort to buy local products. When you buy locally, you’re not just helping to boost your local economy, but you’re also reducing your carbon footprint. When you buy items that come from far away places, it’s had to cross oceans, and continents to get to you. Along the way, its journey has contributed to pollution. Buying locally helps to significantly reduce the distance traveled and thus associated pollutants.

Spend Time In Nature.

Whether you go for a hike or spend the day at the beach, make an effort to appreciate the natural world this Earth Day. Sit for a few minutes and be present in the moment. Feel the sun on your skin, listen to the birds chirping, and smell the fresh air. Take a moment to enjoy and appreciate all the natural world has to offer.

Clean Up The Beach.

A majority of Earth is covered by our oceans. Make an effort to clean up the beach in honor of Earth Day. As trash builds up on the beach, it pollutes the water and harms marine life. Visit your local beach to help clean up. You can even find an organization like Heal the Bay to volunteer with.

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