Common Gaps in Auto Insurance

Common Gaps in Auto Insurance

Make Sure That You are Getting the Right Auto Insurance.

If you own a car, every state requires you to have some level of auto insurance.  However, these insurance minimums aren’t enough to adequately protect you and can leave you vulnerable.  Learn about the most common gaps in auto insurance and make sure you have all the protection you need.

Transportation Expenses Coverage

If you are in an accident and are unable to drive your vehicle, you might have to rely on a rental car or other transportation service (bus, taxi, etc.).  However, many auto insurance policies don’t provide coverage for these expenses.  If your policy doesn’t cover transportation expenses, that taxi fare might be coming straight from your pocket.

College Student Coverage

Most auto insurance policies provide coverage for you and the family members who live with you.  If you have a child who is going off to college, they might not be covered by your policy.  Students living in college dorms are typically covered by their parents’ insurance, but students staying in off-campus apartments may be excluded.  Check with your insurance provider to ensure that your college student is protected while they’re away.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Coverage

If your luxury or specialty vehicle sustains damage, your car might not be repaired using original manufacturer equipment.  While your insurance policy will cover damages, coverage might not include new, manufacturer specific parts.   For example, if your brand-new BMW needs repairs, then there is a possibility that broken equipment might be replaced using non-BMW, or refurbished BMW parts.

Flood Coverage

Standard auto insurance policies may not cover flood damage to your vehicle.  This means that if your car is damaged during a flood, then the cost of repairs falls on your shoulders.  If you live in a high flood risk area, then talk to your insurance provider and make sure that your car is covered in the event of flooding.

Mind the gaps in your car insurance.  If you are looking for auto insurance, contact the friendly team at ISU-Wissink Insurance Agency to make sure you have all the coverage you need.