Choose the Right Car to Access Lower Insurance Rates

Here’s how selecting the right car can help you get lower car insurance premiums.Choose the Right Car to Access Lower Insurance Rates

While there are many factors that influence your auto insurance premiums, one of the most significant factors is the car that you want to insure. If you are looking for a new car, choosing the right one can help you access lower insurance rates. Here are some of the things you should look for in your new car.

Safety Ratings

The safer and more reliable a car is, the more affordable it will be to insure. However, while you are out on the showroom floor, it can be easy to forget about safety. This is why it’s so important to do your research ahead of time. Start by looking at a car’s safety test ratings and learning about the different safety features installed in the car. By selecting a car with high safety ratings and the newest safety features, you can get a discount on your insurance.

Engine Size

Most drivers do not need a car with a high-performance engine. Oftentimes, drivers who own cars with large engines drive recklessly, leaving them more susceptible to an accident. This increased risk translates into higher insurance rates for you. So, if you want to save money, stick to cars with standard sized engines.

Car’s Age

Your car’s age will also impact your insurance costs. For instance, brand new and very old cars will be more expensive to insure. New cars are expensive because they tend to have higher repair costs and require pricey replacement parts. On the other hand, older cars are also on the more expensive side because they are less reliable and more likely to have safety risks. If you want to get a deal on your insurance, you are best off getting a used car that’s only a couple of years old.

These are some of the things you need to consider if you want to choose a car that’s more affordable to insure.  Do you have further questions regarding your auto insurance?  Then don’t hesitate to contact us at ISU-Wissink Insurance.  We are ready to assist you with all your insurance needs today.