What You Need to Know About Comprehensive Car Damage Coverage

It is impossible to tell in advance or anticipate whether or not there would be damage to your properties or car especially, but they do happen. For example, your car might get damaged via the act of theft or vandalism, or it could be shattered by a large tree that falls on it on a stormy night.

To avoid the stress of repairing or replacing your car through out-of-pocket expenses, having comprehensive coverage on your car insurance policy will go a long way in relieving you of the cost of any damage.

How Does Comprehensive Coverage Function?

There are several instances whereby the comprehensive coverage on your car insurance policy can be called into action, and some of them include the following:

· Damage from Falling Objects:

In the event that an object, e.g., the branch of a tree or a piece of debris from heavy wind, hits your car while it is being driven or parked, the comprehensive damage insurance will help cover the cost of damage.

· Damage from Fire:

It isn’t unusual for cars to have internal issues that might lead to combustion, and also lightning can strike a car at the wrong time and cause a fire. All of these can be taken care of with comprehensive coverage.

· Damage from Water:

Although this isn’t a common occurrence, if you live in an environment that is susceptible to flooding due to excessive rainfall, it is possible for your car to be damaged from the flood or even be washed away. Comprehensive damage insurance works in covering the cost for such damage.

· Damage from Vandalism & Theft:

Cars are prone to theft and vandalism, which can result in the exterior being broken, crucial parts of the car being stolen, the interior being ruined, or the car is completely stolen. Comprehensive coverage will cover for the damage and in the case of theft, too, if the car is retrieved successfully by the police.

· Damage from Animals:

While driving, animals might unintentionally run into your car, leading to you hitting them and also causing major damage to your car, which will also be covered by the comprehensive damage insurance.

How Does Payment for Damage Work?

The first step to activating your coverage is by contacting your insurance provider, who will then proceed to evaluate your car’s damage and correspond it with your policy deductible if you do qualify to file under comprehensive coverage.

Your policy deductible is then subtracted from the value of damage, and the amount is given to you for coverage of the damage. However, if your car is determined to be a total loss, you will be given the amount at which your car is valued at the time of the damage minus the deductible as opposed to the value of a new car.

In conclusion, before you can claim for comprehensive coverage, you should make sure to have it included in your car insurance policy, as it doesn’t come automatically with most policies. Contact us today at ISU Wissink Insurance Agency to get started on your personalized car insurance coverage in Culver City, California.