Time is Running Out to Get Health Insurance in California

Health care reform is here and in full force in California. No longer is health insurance an option — it is an individual mandate enforced by The Affordable Care Act and the Federal Government. According to the law, the individual mandate became law on January 1, 2014. But just because that date has passed, it doesn’t mean that you are too late to get coverage. The deadline for insurance coverage is actually much later than that.

The healthcare law states that tax payers must only pay a penalty if they go without health insurance or an acceptable equivalent for 3 consecutive months or more. And since the Covered California health insurance exchange will remain open through March 31st, there is still time to apply for health insurance.

You may be worried about getting approved for health insurance or being able to afford monthly premiums. The new healthcare law addresses all of those concerns, starting by eliminating coverage denials and exclusions for pre-existing conditions. Furthermore, many Californians will be eligible for tax credits to help offset the cost of health insurance.

For more information about health insurance in California, contact a certified agent at ISU Wissink Insurance. We want to help you find the coverage you need at a price you can afford.