What To Know For The Upcoming Healthcare Deadline

Are You Prepared For February 15th? No, February 15th does not mark the day you wake in a panic realizing you have forgotten Valentine’s Day. (Do not worry, advertisers will make sure you remember the holiday.) It is the deadline for the current open enrollment period. If you do not have health insurance by that time, not only will your coverage options be severely limited until the next open enrollment period but you will also be faced with a tax penalty for failing to secure coverage. Why is Read More

The Deadline for Enrollment in Health Insurance is Nearing — Don’t Wait!

March 31 is the deadline for open enrollment on the Covered California health insurance exchange. Anyone who does not sign up for coverage by this date will not be able to enroll through the exchange unless he or she experiences a qualifying event or can qualify for an exemption. Not qualifying for either and not having health insurance opens up the possibility of a penalty that will be issued through taxes. If the issue of getting coverage is due to problems with the website, it is Read More

Time is Running Out to Get Health Insurance in California

Health care reform is here and in full force in California. No longer is health insurance an option -- it is an individual mandate enforced by The Affordable Care Act and the Federal Government. According to the law, the individual mandate became law on January 1, 2014. But just because that date has passed, it doesn't mean that you are too late to get coverage. The deadline for insurance coverage is actually much later than that. The healthcare law states that tax payers must only pay a Read More