Consequences of Riding Without a Motorcycle Insurance

Like auto insurance, motorcycle insurance protects you and your motorcycle from potential threats of collisions, personal accidents, crime, theft, slipping, and fire. Like most states require drivers to carry car insurance, the same applies to motorcycle riders. Riding a motorcycle is fun, so why not make sure you have peace of mind too? If you ride a motorbike, it’s essential to purchase a good motorcycle insurance policy.

Motorcycle Insurance Policy Options

You might be very confident about your riding skills and might not feel the need to get motorcycle insurance. That would not be a wise decision. Moreover, you are legally bound to have motorcycle insurance. Following are a few of the motorcycle coverage options you can avail:

• Liability Insurance: This type of insurance is also known as third-party coverage and is also legal. Third-party insurance offers you liability covers against injury or property damage caused to a third party when the accident happens due to your fault. The policy will not cover any damages or injuries sustained by you or your bike.

• Comprehensive Insurance: A comprehensive policy will offer you coverage against theft, vandalism, falling objects, or against any damage caused to your bike by an incident other than a collision. It also provides coverage against third-party liability.

There are several other coverage options, such as collision insurance and medical payments (MedPay) that will cover you and your bike during unforeseen circumstances.

If you don’t have motorcycle insurance, you may face these consequences:

Legal Liabilities

A comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy will cover you against all threats and damages, including third-party liability. Just imagine the consequences if you do not have bike insurance and get involved in an accident, especially if the accident happens because of you. Besides being penalized by the police for not having insurance, you will end up paying a hefty liability cost for damages to the other vehicle.

Not only that, but you will also be liable to bear the cost of any injuries or health costs to the other party. Your motorcycle insurance cost will be a fraction of what losses you are likely to incur from an accident. Are you ready to bear such a massive financial burden? Get your bike insurance today!


Riding a motorcycle without insurance might put you at risk of several penalties, including hefty fines, tickets, license suspension, court appearances, traffic school requirements, detention, arrest, and probation, among others. If the police find you without motorcycle insurance, they will not only fine you, but can also confiscate your bike.

Choosing the right motorcycle insurance is essential in safeguarding you and your bike from potential threats like accidents. Contact the experts at ISU Wissink Insurance, in Culver City, California, to get the best motorcycle insurance option.