Memorial Day Safety Tips For Hosting A BBQ

Memorial Day Safety TipsMemorial Day BBQ: Safety First Mentality

The special day is almost here! As you anxiously await for your guests to arrive for your Memorial Day BBQ, it is important that you consider ways in which you can enhance safety. We want you to have the best Memorial Day BBQ so that guests come back next year begging for more, which is why we have compiled a list of the most important Memorial Day safety tips:

  • When making the fixings for the perfect Memorial Day spread, it is important that you operate the grill while following safe food handling procedures. This means washing your hands with warm water and soap after handling any raw poultry and meat and avoiding cross contamination. Make sure to refrigerate any perishables within two hours of placing it on the table to ensure safety.
  • If you will be opening the pool for guests to enjoy, you must enhance security in your pool area. Also, entrust a couple people to take turns supervising the pool in case of an emergency. It may also be advantageous to increase your liability limits of your homeowners insurance to account for the enhanced liability risk of your festivities.
  • When grilling, you must have a safety first mentality. This means avoiding putting decorations on or near your grill and making sure all combustibles are a safe distance away. It is important that the grill is never left unattended and that you have a fire extinguisher ready in case of an emergency.
  • If you will be serving any alcoholic beverages at your Memorial Day BBQ, make sure to arrange a system for collecting keys and arranging safe rides home for everyone. You can call a taxi company and ask that they have half a dozen cabs ready at the time your party ends to ensure safety.

Happy Memorial Day! We hope these Memorial Day safety tips allow you to enjoy the festivities without a worry in the world! Contact ISU Wissink in Culver City for all of your California insurance needs.