Keep Your Home Safe With These Home Safety Tips

Home Safety Tips Culver City CA

Make sure your home and family are safe and sound with these safety tips.

Keeping your family safe is of the utmost importance. Take action to protect them and ensure that your home is secure with these home safety tips.

  • Install smoke detectors & have fire extinguishers. House fires aren’t uncommon. Take preventative measures to make sure that your family is prepared. Also, consider installing an interconnected smoke alarm system so that the message is delivered throughout the house.
  • Install a few carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home. Carbon monoxide is a clear odorless gas that can be lethal. These detectors can play a vital role in alerting your family so that you can get to safety.
  • Use fire resistant building materials when building. Whether you’re buying a new home or remodeling your current home, look for fire resistant materials. They’ll help keep your family safe in the event of a disaster.
  • Display a security sticker. Even if you don’t have a security system in your home, a simple alarm system or ‘beware of dog” sticker can help deter burglaries.
  • Turn the ring volume down. You don’t want to advertise that you’re not home. When you’re not home, be sure to turn down the ring volume. That way burglars are less likely to hear that no one answered the phone, indicating that no one is home.
  • Invest in automatic lights. Set a timer and have your lights come on automatically. Not only does it help to deter theft, it also helps provide you with lighting when you come home late at night.
  • Keep all your doors and windows locked. Before you leave and before you go to sleep, be sure to check all your doors and windows to ensure that everything is locked.

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