Understanding Home Insurance Premium Increases

Why your home insurance rates have gone up at renewal. If you are approaching the renewal period for your homeowners insurance policy, then your agent will send out a report documenting your current coverage and expected premium changes.  If your rates are increasing, you may be confused.  While you should always speak to your insurance provider to ensure that rate increases are not a mistake, there are some legitimate reasons why premiums increase at renewal time.  Here are some of the factors Read More

How to Reduce Home Insurance Costs This Winter

Try out these suggestions to avoid home insurance claims this winter. During the winter months, conditions make property damage, and certain types of liability claims more common.  If you do not want to file expensive home insurance claims this season, then it's important to prevent household risks.  Take these steps to keep your home insurance costs down this winter. Fires During the holiday season, many homeowners light up candles or get a fire going in their fireplaces to create a Read More

Why You Need to Make Your Home Inventory

How home inventories help with your homeowners insurance. As a homeowner, you know that one of the things you have to do is create and update your home inventory.  However, why is this tedious task so important?  Here's how having a home inventory helps you with your homeowners insurance. Why You Need a Home Inventory A home inventory is a list of all the items that you own.  Your inventory also includes important information on each item, such as photos, a written description, proof of Read More

Unexpected Home Security Tips to Employ

Try out these suggestions to prepare your home. As a homeowner, keeping your home safe from burglars should be a major priority.  While you already know to keep your windows and doors locked and home security system engaged, there are other, more unexpected ways to secure your home as well.  Here are some of the tips you can try to protect your home. Keep a Set of Car Keys by Your Bed If you have a spare car key, consider keeping it on your bedside table.  This way, if you hear a Read More

What Does Your Home Insurance Cover When It Comes to Disasters?

Protect your home from natural disasters. As a homeowner, natural disasters are an unavoidable risk.  This is why it's so important to have the right home insurance to rely on.  Unfortunately, many homeowners are not sure exactly what their policy covers when it comes to natural disasters.  To help you out, here's how your policy can protect you. Hurricane Coverage If your home is in the path of a hurricane or tropical storm, then your home may sustain damage from high winds, heavy Read More

Understanding Additional Living Expenses Insurance

What does additional living expenses coverage do for you? Homeowners insurance is made up of four main coverages: dwelling, personal property, personal liability, and additional living expenses.  While most policyholders understand how these first three coverages work, they may not even know that additional living expenses coverage exists.  Here is what homeowners need to know about this important type of insurance. Understanding Additional Living Expenses Insurance Additional living Read More

What Does Fire Insurance Cover?

What can the fire coverage included in your homeowners policy do for you? Fires are some of the worst, most devastating disasters a homeowner can face.  Fortunately, standard homeowners insurance policies offer coverage for the damage and losses associated with fire.  Curious to know about the specifics of this coverage?  Then here's what you need to know about fire insurance. What does fire insurance cover? Your homeowners insurance offers coverage for fire damage to your home, the Read More