Stay Cool and Save Money This Summer With These Tips

Contemporary brass Ceiling FanHome Cooling Tips

As the summer season continues, the outside temperatures are beginning to heat up. If you find yourself reaching for your thermostat, you may be surprised at the cost of your energy bill when it comes at the end of the month. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to stay cool without using your air conditioner. Keep these home cooling tips in mind to stay comfortable this summer.

  • Turn on your fans – no matter if you have a ceiling fan or box fan, turn it on. Even though fans will not actually lower the temperature in your house, it will help the room feel a couple of degrees cooler. Just make sure to turn off the fan when you leave the room to avoid wasting energy.
  • Close your blinds – keeping your shades and blinds closed throughout the day will help to keep the sunlight out of your house, keeping it much cooler. Installing a patio overhang or awning outside of your windows will also help to keep the sun out of your house.
  • Reduce humidity – if your house is humid, it can feel much hotter than it actually is. Try to avoid taking hot showers, running your clothes dryer, or cooking at the hottest parts of the day to stay cool. If you do have to do any humidity increasing activities, turn on a ventilating fan.
  • Invest in heat reflecting film – installing heat reflecting film on any windows that face the sun will help to keep your house cooler while also reducing the glare in your house that can damage your floors and furniture.

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