Fun Valentine’s Date Ideas

This Valentine’s Day, try out these fun date ideas.Fun Valentine’s Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!  If you haven’t already started making plans, time is of the essence.  Not sure what you should plan for?  Try out these fun date ideas.

Picnic in the Park

If you live in an area where the weather is nice, then a Valentine’s Day picnic in the park is the perfect date activity.  Pack a basket of food and drinks, bring something to sit on, and consider bringing other fun outdoors activities to do together.  Want to up the ante?  Bring a portable speaker so you can enjoy some romantic music as you dine in the sunshine!


Want a more unconventional way to celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Invite your significant other to volunteer with you.  Whether you volunteer at an animal shelter, homeless shelter, local school, soup kitchen, or so on, giving back will definitely help you spread the love this Valentine’s Day.

Re-Create Your First Date

For a more special date idea, consider recreating the first date you ever had with your significant other.  Even if you just grabbed burgers at a local fast food joint, they will appreciate the sweetness of your gesture.  Together you can bask in the warm memories of your shared past, and enjoy each other’s company just like you did from the start!

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