Does Your Auto Insurance Plan Provide Coverage for Your Delivery Driving?

Ever since the global COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of delivery services has surged tremendously. That’s because people find it easier to order for commodities to be delivered to them in the comfort of their home rather than going through the stress of getting it themselves.

These commodities may range from things like food, pets, groceries, equipment, etc. However, these deliveries are not made by machines or robots. Instead, they are done by people like us. Since delivery drivers often get behind the wheel, they might need special auto insurance coverage as their personal auto insurance may not cover delivery driving. This article discusses auto insurance coverage for delivery drivers.

Why Should Delivery Drivers Get Additional Coverage?

Often, some companies have been known to provide their delivery drivers with complimentary auto insurance coverage for any bodily harm, injury, or property damage that might occur in the case of an accident while they’re on the job. However, things might be different if the car in use is your personal car which means you have to be careful and carry adequate car insurance to avoid covering the cost of damages from your pocket.

Getting additional insurance coverage will help protect you in certain situations like an accident on the way to your delivery site, which might not be covered for in your regular auto insurance. In contrast, an accident at the delivery site might be covered.

There are also cases where delivery drivers don’t have to worry about getting additional coverage. Using their personal car for employer deliveries on a temporary basis and delivering with an employee-owned car will save the delivery driver the cost of purchasing additional coverage.

Gap Coverage and its Benefits to Delivery Drivers

Additional coverage that will be highly beneficial to delivery drivers is gap coverage. It will help prevent coverage gaps and provide a wider range of coverage for the driver if the employer’s car insurance service does not cover the full claim amount.

While this additional coverage is not particularly useful to delivery drivers who are using their employer’s car for deliveries, it is very useful for drivers using their personal vehicles. Most companies typically require their drivers to make use of their personal cars. To be on the safer side, delivery drivers can also purchase commercial auto insurance, which will cover the use of their cars for business purposes rather than personal use. Drivers in this position must be meticulous in reviewing their insurance policies to be on top of changes that might arise along the line. Contact our seasoned insurance experts at ISU Wissink Insurance in Culver City, California, for all of your auto insurance needs to keep you safe while on the road.