Don’t Let Your Decorations Ruin Your Holiday!

Christmas tree branch and lights on wooden background. View with copy space

Use this guide to safely decorate your house for the holidays.

Decorating your house for the holidays is one of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit! However, it can also bring some danger if you do not take the time to safely put up the decorations. Keep this decorating safety guide in mind to ensure that you are ready to start celebrating.

When planning your display:

  • Coordinate all of your decorations with the number and placement of outlets at your house to avoid overloading any of your circuits.
  • Only use lights that have been tested for safety. When possible, use LED lights since they last longer, use less energy, and run cooler.
  • Do not exceed the number of devices or strings of lights that can be linked together.

While you are decorating:

  • Only use fiberglass or wooden ladder when you are putting up lights or electrical décor since metal ladders will conduct electricity.
  • Plug outdoor lights into ground-fault circuit interrupters to help reduce the risk of any electrical shock.
  • Secure all outdoor decorations and lights to prevent wind damage. Do not use nails or staples that can damage the decorations.

To store your decorations:

  • Check all decorations for signs of damage before you put them away for the season.
  • Store all lights and decorations in a dry place that is out of the reach of pets and children.
  • Stack decoration boxes in a stable location, such as a corner. Do not stack the boxes higher than your eye level to help prevent any injuries.

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