All You Need To Know About Insuring Your College Student

Culver City Insurance for College StudentsAs you prepare to become an empty nester, you must think about the insurance implications of your child’s big move. As you organize your to-do-list to send your child off to college, you must add contacting your insurance provider to the list. Since you already have a lot of planning on your hands, we have gathered all of the necessary information regarding insuring your new college student:

Dorm Life

If your new college student will be enjoying the dorm life, their personal belongings will likely be covered under your homeowners’ insurance policy. Since they are not living in your primary residence, the coverage will be limited. Therefore, if your child will be bringing any expensive items with them, be sure to add additional coverage to the policy.

Independent Apartment Living

If your child will be moving into an apartment near their new college, you will want to purchase a renters’ insurance policy to cover their belongings. These are relatively inexpensive policies, costing about $15-$20 each month, and will provide your new college student with ample protection.

Public Transportation Route

If your child plans to depend on the public transportation of their new school and leave their car at home, contact your auto insurance provider and inform them of the move. Since your child won’t be driving for a large portion of the year, you may be eligible to receive the resident student discount.


If your child will need their car to commute in their new city, you will want to contact your auto insurance provider to make sure that their insurance complies with all state regulations.

We understand that becoming an empty nester is both an exciting and overwhelming experience, and that is why we are here to guide you through the process of insuring your new college student. Contact ISU Wissink Insurance for all of your homeowners, renters, and auto insurance needs.