Health Care Open Enrollment Information To Help You Get The Best Plan For You!

Culver City Health Care Open EnrollmentvThe Open Enrollment period for 2015 health insurance is almost here. Make sure you know about what you need to do for open enrollment. Here is some useful information about healthcare Open Enrollment to help you stay in the know.


Make sure you know your employers open enrollment period. Open enrollment is shorter for 2015, only going from November 15th, 2014 until February 15th, 2015. You may qualify for special enrollment periods if you have recently moved, had a baby, gotten married, or had some other sort of life changing event happen.

Exchange vs. Employer-Sponsored Coverage:

Some employees may want to decline employer-sponsored insurance and pursue tax credits on public exchanges instead. If they opt for employer-sponsored coverage, the employer’s plan must be affordable and offer adequate coverage for an employee. Affordable generally means that the employee’s contribution is less than 9.5% of their household income. If an employee has low enough wages they may be eligible for Medicaid, which is another option for employees.

Know The Total Cost:

Most people often look more closely at the monthly premiums when looking for a healthcare plan. Knowing the total cost of the plan, and what is covered is a good idea, however, because some employers’ plans do not cover hospitalization. Your employer may offer a Health Savings Account, which rolls over and is yours to keep. Knowing the details of the plan can be in your best interest.

Providers and Drugs:

When looking at a plan, you should make sure there are enough providers near your home or your work for you to access should you need to. Also make sure any prescribed medications are covered, to avoid larger costs for your medications.


Using an insurance broker can be extremely useful for finding the right healthcare plan for you. They can help you to sift through all the different plans out there keeping in mind all of your needs to get you the healthcare coverage you need.

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