Getting Auto Insurance for Your Teenager: What You Should Know

As a parent, witnessing your teenager learning to drive is a wonderful experience. However, offering protection to your teenage driver is a part of parenting. Buying auto insurance is the best way to protect them.

Most insurance service providers give an option to add your teenager to your auto insurance policy. However, you must know some practical aspects of adding a teen to your policy.

Why Add Your Teen to Your Policy?

Many service providers have special offers for customers who choose multi-car packages. In such cases, the perks that come with years of using your existing policy will come in handy to tackle the high cost of adding an inexperienced driver.

If you add an inexperienced driver, you may want to include collision coverage to your policy. This will benefit you in case of accidents or collisions.

An efficient way of reducing your auto insurance premium is finding out whether your insurance provider has any student discounts. Many insurance companies offer different discounts for students based on a number of parameters, and being aware of that can save you some money.

Also, find out if using a monitoring device for driver behavior will help cut down the premium. For a teen driver who is new to driving, it is advisable to start with an older vehicle that does not need full coverage, including collision and comprehensive coverage.

Consider the Risks Involved

While it may seem exciting to have your existing car insurance policy to take care of your teenage driver, it also involves some risks. Due to the higher risk of accidents associated with a teenage driver, most coverage options come with a higher insurance premium. Moreover, multiple traffic violations or accidents by your teenager will increase your premium amount.

Choosing the right auto insurance for your teenager is important to protect them from accidents. Contact the experts at ISU Wissink Insurance in Culver City, California, for all your coverage needs.