Spring Car Maintenance Tips

Take care of your car this spring. With temperatures warming up and weather conditions improving, many drivers assume that they can take it easy when it comes to caring for their vehicles.  While it's true that many winter driving hazards fade away during the spring months, this does not mean that you can afford to be lazy when it comes to caring for your car.  Here are some of the essential car maintenance tasks that you should take care of this spring. Check Alignment and Read More

Tips for Maintaining High-Mileage Vehicles

How to take care of older cars. Today, many drivers are keeping their cars on the road for as long as possible.  However, when it comes to caring for older vehicles, you need to invest a little more time and effort.  If you want to keep your high-mileage vehicle going strong, then take care of these maintenance tasks. Keep Up with Oil Changes Most drivers know that their car needs an oil change about every 3,000 to 6,000 miles.  If you fail to change your car's oil, then it can start to Read More

Ask Your Insurance Agent About Your Car Coverage

What you need to know about auto insurance. If you are looking for your first auto insurance policy, then you may be feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there.  Fortunately, you can get the answers you need by working with an experienced insurance agent.  Here are some of the auto insurance questions you should ask your agent. What coverage do I need? Almost every state in the U.S. requires drivers to carry some minimum amount of liability coverage.  However, simply meeting Read More

Watch Out for These Driving Risks This Winter

Protect yourself as you drive this winter. As a driver, it's important to anticipate how changing weather conditions affect your risk for accidents.  Additionally, you need to take precautions to address your risk and keep the roadways safe.  As winter introduces some serious weather hazards, here's what you can do to stay safe behind the wheel. Make sure that your car is properly prepared for extreme winter driving conditions. This means repairing or replacing cracked windows, switching Read More

Does Your Education Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates?

Does having a college education help you save on car insurance? When your auto insurance provider calculates your rates, they will take various factors into account.  Many drivers are surprised to learn that their education level is one of the things considered.  But how exactly does your education affect your rates?  Here's what you need to know. How Your Education Level Affects Your Auto Insurance Some auto insurance providers will look at your level of education when determining your Read More

What Happens If You Don’t Exchange Information After an Accident?

What to do if you're in an accident and don't get the other driver's info. There are many reasons why you may fail to exchange information with another involved driver after an accident.  However, not having the other driver's information does not need to throw you for a loop.  Here are some of the steps that you can take to deal with the situation. If You Forgot to Exchange Information If you just got caught up and completely forgot to exchange information with the other driver, then Read More

Do Out of State Speeding Tickets Raise Your Auto Insurance Rates?

What to know about moving violations that occur out of state. While you understand that getting a speeding ticket will cause your auto insurance premiums to rise, is this still true when you receive the violation while driving out of state?  Here is what drivers need to know about their car coverage and out of state speeding tickets. How Speeding Tickets Affect Auto Insurance Rates Receiving a speeding ticket causes your insurance rates to increase because your insurer sees you as Read More