Low Mileage Discounts

auto insurance culver city caHow Driving Fewer Miles Could Save You Money

Sure, you know that clocking fewer miles behind the wheel will result in less wear and tear on your vehicle and will save you money at the gas pump. Did you know, however, that going for an afternoon walk rather than an afternoon joy ride can also help drive down your insurance rates? To help you secure low mileage discounts, use these steps.

  • Talk To Your Agent: Let your independent insurance agent know about any life changes that have resulted in you driving fewer miles, such as finding a new job leading to a shorter commute. Do you have a second car you use just for weekend trips or the occasional commute? Ask your agent about insuring it as a non-primary vehicle and see the savings stack up.
  • Shop Around: Did your agent let you know that your current auto insurance provider does not offer low mileage discounts? Ask him or her to shop around for policies from other insurance providers that will reward you for your low mileage performance.
  • Pay As You Drive: This type of coverage has only been used in the United States for the last five years or so. Pay As You Drive insurance companies monitor your vehicle’s mileage and will offer you discounts for driving fewer miles. Because the insurer has direct access to your driving behaviors, they are able to offer sizable discounts for your specific mileage.

Is your current insurance agent committed to pointing out all possible discounts to you? To work with a team committed to getting you the best coverage at the best price, contact ISU Wissink in Culver City. Our team is dedicated to driving down the premiums on your California auto insurance. To get the best coverage mile after mile, call us today!