Enjoy Date Night with These Affordable Date Night Ideas

Affordable Date Night Ideas

Check out these affordable date nights for a night of fun!

Date night is important. It breaks up the monotony of your routine to do something different. They help you build memories and spend time together, which is important in any relationship. However, date nights can be expensive. Get creative and check out these affordable date night ideas for you and your sweetheart.

Explore the outdoors.

Who says your date night can’t be during the day? There’s plenty to do outside in Southern California. Enjoy the beautiful weather and find an outdoor activity to partake in. Go hiking, kayaking, or stargazing together and appreciate all the beauty around you.

Take a class together.

Learning something new will be a bonding experience for the two of you. Pick something that you’ve always wanted to learn and drop in on a class. From salsa to archery to cooking, there’s always something new to discover.

Host a potluck game night.

Games are lots of fun. From trivia to cards to monopoly, there are lots of games to choose from. Invite a few friends over for a group date night. Have each couple bring food and a game and enjoy a night of fun with great company.

Spend the day at the museum.

One of the best parts of living in a metropolis is that there’s no shortage of art and culture. Check out a local museum together! From fine works of art to dinosaur bones there’s sure to be a museum that peaks your interest.

Give back to the community.

Spend the day volunteering together. It’s a great way to spend the day. Pick a local charity to support and give back to your community. Play with puppies at an animal shelter, feed the homeless at a soup kitchen, or visit with seniors in an old folks home. There are plenty of things do.

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