Teach Teen Drivers These Basic Safety Tips For Those Other Auto Problems

We are so adamant about teaching a teen driver about driving at a safe speed, avoiding distractions such as cell phones, not driving when drunk and to always use a seat belt. Yet somewhere in all of our teaching, we forget to teach our young drivers how to deal with serious auto problems such as:

•           Changing a flat tire

•           Jumping a car with a dead battery

•           What to do while hydroplaning

•           How to set up hazard warning signs

Ensure to teach your teen driver the following safety tips to handle all road circumstances. Otherwise, you will be trying to explain to your teen how to do things over the phone at 3am as their cell phone battery is dying.

Take a weekend out of the month to show your teen driver where the spare tire is located, how to place a jack safely under the car and how to remove the lug nuts. Take out the jumper cables and show them the right way on hooking it up to the battery to start the car. A rainy day is a perfect opportunity to educate your teen what to do in case of skidding, as well as on how to safely set out hazard triangles on the road so other drivers will avoid the car in case it breaks down.

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