When Will Your Medicare Coverage Kick In?

Medicare Enrollment Medicare is meant to provide seniors with the health insurance that they need at an affordable cost. There are only certain times when you can enroll in Medicare, each of which have certain rules about when the coverage will begin. Knowing when you can enroll in Medicare and what the best time to do so is can help to ensure that you have the coverage that you deserve. The Initial Enrollment Period, or IEP, is the first time that you have the chance to sign up for Medicare Read More

Open Enrollment Ends February 15th

Secure Your Coverage Before The Upcoming Deadline February 15th does not mark the day that you wake up in a cold sweat because you forget to send your sweetheart a gift on Valentine’s Day. It could, however, be a day that you wake in a panic for a different reason if you have not secured health insurance coverage. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Americans who do not have health coverage through their workplace and who do not qualify for Medicare need to secure health insurance coverage Read More

Benefits of Long Term Care Insurance Policies

Long term care is a type of health care that offers those with illnesses, disabilities, and other disabling conditions with their much needed care. Depending on the exclusive needs of the individual, these services can range from help with daily activities to weekly tasks. Long term care can be provided by nurses, therapists, or any other medical professional. Long term care differs from disability insurance in that it does not provide coverage for being injured on the job from high risk Read More