Tips to Stay Safe This Summer

A sun made with suncream

Summer Solstice Tips

Summer has officially started, which means that you are probably spending more and more time outdoors. While lying out in the hot sun may be relaxing, it can also be very dangerous. Keep these summer solstice tips in mind to make sure that you know how to protect yourself this season.

  • Be careful of the sun – the longer you spend out in the sun, the greater your chances are of developing a sunburn or skin cancer. Properly protecting your skin from the sun with the right sunscreen can help to prevent problems now and in the future. While there are thousands of sunscreens out there, mineral based sunscreens can help to better protect and nourish your skin. There are plenty of mineral based sunscreens at all different price points that will work best to protect your skin, including IS Eclipse Translucent Sunscreen SPF 50 for $30 and Hang Ten Mineral Sport Sunscreen SPF 30 for $13.
  • Stay safe around water – no matter if you are at your backyard pool or floating on the lake, it is important to make sure that you know how to stay safe around water. Always watch children when they are near water, and ensure that anyone who does not have strong swimming abilities wear the proper safety equipment, such as a life jacket.
  • Practice bike safety – many children enjoy riding their bikes during the summer with their friends. Always make sure that they know to look both ways before crossing the road and follow all traffic laws. Anyone on a bike should always wear their helmet whenever they are going for a ride.

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