Enjoying A Staycation With The Ones You Love Most

Spring Break Staycation Ideas for the FamilySpring Break Staycation Ideas For The Family

Planning a staycation is a great way to enjoy spring break with your family without emptying your pockets. There are so many fun activities that you can enjoy in the comfort of your hometown, making for an inexpensive way to have an amazing time. Gathered are some fun spring break staycation ideas for the family so that you can have the perfect getaway:

  • First things first, you must set some ground rules. This means no phones, no email, no television, no working, no worrying, no complaining, no video games, no cleaning, no cooking, no laundry, and absolutely no fighting!
  • There are so many national parks in California that you can visit to make for an enjoyable staycation. Get your backpacking gear together and go on a little adventure with your family! Pack a picnic basket filled with delicious and nutritious goodies for the entire family.
  • Take out all of the classic board games and host a family tournament! You can create a setup that makes it easy to conquer each game and move on to the next in marathon mode. Gather some snacks and drinks so that you can play throughout the night without having to take any breaks.
  • Camp in your own backyard! This is an amazing family adventure that is extremely inexpensive! Gather all the necessities before heading in the backyard and prohibit anyone from returning inside until your trip is over. You can build a fire and cook s’mores with your family and cuddle in sleeping bags together. You can also take advantage of this educational opportunity and teach your children how to pitch a tent and make their own fire.

We hope you have the most amazing spring break surrounded by the ones you love most! Contact ISU Wissink in Culver City for all of your California insurance needs.