What Sony Taught Us About Cyber Liability

Sony Hacks and Importance of Cyber Liability Insurance Culver City CAIs Your Business Protected?

Until the recent cyber attacks on Sony, it seemed that hacks were most commonly made on companies with poor cyber security and high stores of personal information. Most hackers were going for the credit card information (e.g. the Target hacks of late 2013) and did not seem to be targeting companies specifically for their work.

The recent hack at Sony, however, changed the face of cyber attacks. The hackers allegedly targeted Sony specifically because they were behind the film The Interview and took over 100 terabytes of data. Experts say it will take over a year to figure out just what the hackers took because the breach is so significant.

Sony, like Target, now has tremendous cyber liability and will be paying financially (an expected tens of millions) and in reputation. Sony’s good name has been tarnished by this experience as internal communications have been released to the public. Just imagine what it would mean for your business if every flippant email were suddenly available for public consumption.

All businesses should learn from the Sony Hacks. Even if your business does not store thousands of credit card numbers, you could become the victim of a cyber attack. Do you have the cyber insurance you need to protect your business should the worst happen? You will need coverage to help pay for the expense of hiring forensics experts to determine the extent of the hack, bolstering your public relations team to protect your company’s image, sending out notice communications to any clients whose information was compromised, paying fines from the federal government and legal expenses associated with identity theft claims, etc.

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