Prolong the Life of a Vehicle

Automobile manufacturers provide specific car maintenance schedules to assist the owner.  Dealers strive to stay within the guidelines of the recommended procedures that will keep the car on the road for many years.  Drivers should understand the importance of these activities.

  • Preventative maintenance – Oil changes, battery maintenance and the 100,000 mile maintenance package are essential for optimal performance.  These scheduled tasks can protect against major repairs.
  • Fluid replacement – Oil, coolant and transmission fluid are similar to the blood coursing through the human body.  All of these essential fluids allow the engine to run in adverse conditions.
  • Slower driving – Fewer abrupt starts and stops will reduce the wear and tear on every vehicle system.  Manufacturers publish the recommended speeds at which the vehicle should travel.  Gentle driving extends the life of the vehicle because the driver makes careful decisions that avoid accidents.
  • Wise buying decisions – High-performance vehicles offer more years of use because of premium parts.  Lightweight vehicles wear more quickly and have shorter useful lives.
  • Extended warranty – Drivers can avoid expensive repair bills with the purchase of an appropriate warranty.  The fine print should be reviewed prior to agreeing to the terms.

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