What Separates Homeowners from Condo Insurance?

How home and condo insurance differ. It's no secret that traditional homes and condominiums are wildly different.  Naturally, these differences require differences in insurance coverage.  Curious to learn what separates homeowners insurance from condo insurance?  Then please read on. The Difference Between Home and Condos First, it's important to understand what separates home ownership from owning a condo.  When you own a home, you are responsible for everything inside the home, the Read More

What You Should Always Know About Your Home Insurance

Key things to know about your homeowners policy. Many homeowners never bother to read through their insurance policies.  Oftentimes, they don't review their coverage until disaster strikes.  Unfortunately, this is when they learn about their policy's coverage limits and exclusions.  Rather than waiting until the last moment, there are certain key pieces of information that you should always know about your homeowners insurance.  Here's what you should review your policy for. Your Coverage Read More

Try Out These Grilling Safety Tips for Your Memorial Day Weekend

Fire up the grill safely this holiday weekend. With Memorial Day weekend right around the corner, you may be getting ready to host a holiday barbecue for your friends and family.  While grilling up some burgers and hot dogs sounds like an easy task, it can quickly turn into a dangerous situation if you are not careful.  Make sure you stay safe at your barbecue by trying out these grilling safety tips. Grill Outside Away from Structures Charcoal and gas grills are designed for outdoor use Read More

Can You Have Too Much Car Insurance?

Is your car over-insured? While you might understand the risk of carrying insufficient auto coverage, is it possible to have too much car insurance?  Actually, yes and it's something that car owners should avoid.  Here's why you need to secure the right amount of car coverage to meet your needs. The Problem with Too Much Car Coverage The main problem with carrying excessive auto insurance is that it will be extremely expensive.  While you can rest easy knowing that your policy will Read More

Why You Need Business Interruption Insurance

Insurance to keep your business afloat. From major damage events to serious liability suits, there are many reasons why your business may need to close its door temporarily.  However, when business operations come to a halt and revenue stops coming in, many companies do not have enough savings to weather the storm.  In many cases, temporary business closures turn into permanent ones.  Fortunately, you can ensure that this grim reality does not happen to your company by securing the right Read More

How Long Does It Take for Life Insurance Benefits to Be Paid Out?

Here's what you need to know about the distribution of life insurance benefits. If your family's main breadwinner has passed away suddenly, then you may already be feeling the financial impact of their loss.  This is why you might be worried about how quickly you will receive your loved one's life insurance benefits.  Here's what you should know about the distribution of life insurance benefits. How quickly will I receive benefits? According to the American Council of Life Insurers Read More

Why Business Owners Should Consider Securing a BOP

Here are some of the benefits associated with investing in a BOP. As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate.  The last thing that you want to worry about is managing your company's insurance coverage.  Fortunately, you can streamline your coverage by securing a business owners policy or BOP.  Curious to learn more about this convenient commercial coverage option?  Then please continue reading. What is a BOP? A BOP is a commercial insurance option that combines the most essential Read More

Will Tickets Remain on My Driving Record Forever?

Learn how long a ticket will remain on your driving record. Unfortunately, tickets are something that all drivers will face at some point in their lives.  Whether it be a parking violation or a speeding ticket, it's never fun to be on the receiving end of a driving infraction.  To make matters worse, traffic tickets can remain on your driving record and affect your insurance.  But how long will a violation remain on your record?  Here's what you need to know. Not All Tickets Go on Your Read More

How Spring Cleaning Can Help You Avoid Home Insurance Claims

Learn how spring cleaning and home maintenance tasks can help you avoid filing home insurance claims. Now that spring has finally sprung, you might be gearing up to do some spring cleaning.  While spring cleaning and maintenance is designed to take care of and refresh your home after a long winter, did you know that it can also help you avoid damaging insurance claims?  Here's how spring cleaning and maintenance can help you reduce risk around your property. Liability Issues Completing Read More

Tips for Choosing the Right Health Insurance for Your Family

Here's how you can select the best health coverage for your loved ones. As a parent, it is your responsibility to take care of your health and the health of your children.  This is why it's so important to have the right health insurance in place.  However, how can you select the right plan to cover your family's coverage needs?  Here are some suggestions to try. Determine Your Health Care Needs If you have children, then it's important that you stay on top of important medical Read More