Home Insurance Claims Process

Storms, fire, wind and flood are the primary threats to houses all across the nation.  Insurers follow a standard claims payment process once the homeowner begins filing a claim.  Terms of the insurance policy are provided in writing according to state laws.

1. Adjuster visits the property – An insurance company representative will visit the house location, if possible, within one or two days of a loss.  Every feature on the property is assessed for damage.  Total losses are handled according to the policy limits.

2. Checks are issued – A mortgaged property is handled differently than a wholly-owned house.  The lender will be included on the checks to pay for repairs to the structure.  Approval to deposit those checks must be obtained from the lender.  Separate checks are issued for the structural damage, loss of personal property and living expenses.

3. Work begins – Estimates will be acquired to allow the homeowner to choose the best builder, roofer or contractor.  Work must be completed within 12 months of the disaster.  Claims can be reopened if additional damage is discovered.

4. Homeowner decides – Approval of the work quality and completion is required prior to closing the claim.  Final payments must be withheld until work is satisfactory.

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