DriveMode app helps keep drivers safe on the road

The DriveMode app offered through AT&T helps keep drivers safe while out on the road. According to a press release from AT&T, those texting and driving are 23 times more likely to be in an accident. The new DriveMode app helps reduce the temptation to read, reply to or compose a text message.

When the car is moving more than 25 mph, the DriveMode mobile app will send a customized reply to all incoming messages. This is similar to an automated vacation or out-of-office alerts sent via email. The response simply lets those contacting you know that you are driving and unable to respond. The app can be set to reply to all texts, emails and wireless calls you receive while driving. The app will turn off once the car slows down to less than 25 mph for five minutes.

If necessary, the app lets users set an “allow list” for calls they want to come through. The app can also be manually turned off should the driver need to make a phone call. Other features of the DriveMode app include one-touch 911 calling and allows one music and one navigation app to run.

If you use the DriveMode app along with implementing safe driving tips, you will help reduce your chances of being in an accident while on the road.

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