Why you need wedding insurance

Culver City Wedding Insurance

Your wedding should be one of the happiest days of your life. It should be a carefree day where you do not have to worry about a single thing. In the unfortunate event that something happens during or before your wedding, it is important to make sure that your are covered. Wedding insurance may seem like an unnecessary cost, but it could end up saving your hundreds or thousands of dollars in the end. With wedding season in full swing, it is important to make sure you are covered. Wedding insurance covers many incidences including:

  • Someone important cannot make it. If someone gets seriously ill or if there is a death in the family, it might cause you to have to postpone your wedding. Wedding insurance will cover incidents such as those or if a bride or groom is called away for military service.
  • Liability. Most wedding insurance policies will cover any injuries that happen at your wedding. The majority of these policies are not blanket policies, however. Most policies cover a 24 or 48-hour period, often starting from your rehearsal to the end of your reception.
  • Something goes out of business or breaks. This is the most utilized aspect of wedding insurance. This protects you in situations such as if your venue can no longer hold your wedding or if your florist makes a mess of your flower arrangements.

It is always important to check and make sure that your personal wedding insurance does not overlap with provided insurance. Many photographers and venues provide their own insurance. To help save money, check into your vendors to make sure you are not buying extra insurance that is already provided.

ISU Wissink Insurance Agency, an independent insurance agency, can help find you the best wedding insurance coverage for your wedding in Southern California.