What You Need To Know About Open Enrollment And Covered California

Open Enrollment Information And Deadlines

Culver City Covered California Open Enrollment DeadlinesYou can never predict when something will happen or when illness will strike. Hospital stays and doctor visits are expensive if you do not have health insurance. Do not gamble with your life or your pocketbook; get a health insurance policy during the Open Enrollment period. Covered California makes it easy. Here are some important deadlines and information about Open Enrollment and Covered California.

Open Enrollment

The Open Enrollment period happens once a year from November 15th until February 15th. During this period you can purchase new insurance plans or make changes to your existing plan.

Covered California

Covered California has many advantages when it comes to health insurance. Covered California serves Californians by:

  • Improving access to quality coverage: Millions of Californians have access to a wide range of private health insurance plans and can benefit from lower-cost coverage through Covered California. They can also get the information they need about the health care options best suited for them.
  • Affordable health care: Covered California not only offers affordable health care plans for individuals, but it also provides useful information about financial assistance available to those in need. By reducing the number of uninsured Californians, health care costs are reduced, as is the burden of uncompensated care that was previously borne by those who had insurance.
  • Improving the health of California: With more and more Californians getting insurance through Covered California, people are healthier because they do not have to wait for small health problems to escalate. Covered California promotes prevention and wellness programs in their healthcare policies to help improve the health of every person in the country.

Enrolling online is always possible, but using a certified health insurance agent is the best way to get the policy that is right for you. Get in touch with your insurance provider today to see how your health coverage could improve.

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